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Why being able to draw and sculpt is important to the scientific feild

Forensic & Medical Art:


The Science and Art of The Facial Reconstruction Process:

Prehistoric Documentary

"it's about relationships" love in your quantum heart

"  Published on Jun 9, 2014
Science teacher, Taylor Gaar, recites original poem 'Quantum Entanglement for the 5th Grade Classroom' at Kinnection Campout 2014    "

I Wish I'd Had a Science Teacher Like This

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Jewelry Workshop-2014 - Abbi

The work of Nick Cave and his sculptural "Sound Suits"


See our science! Blog Page I made for the students so they can look further into the things we talked about & keep asking questions:

I tried to site references for images and research on the image but sometimes they are in the notes.
Jewelry Makers workshop  (*updated):  Abbi Allan
July 27th – Aug 1st.
Instructors may need to adjust activities depending on the group’s interests and abilities.

We discussed the history of Jewelry across the world.  We worked in clay (ceramic) – which Abbi will be firing for us (*remind them that not everything survives the kiln, but Abbi does a pretty good job on average).  We will work with fibers and making paper beads.
We also made journals to collect their designs, ideas, and even just to draw in and take notes while we were learning about material science.

 (*This is a great time for students to start bringing in things they’d like to turn into jewelry.   – Old jewelry that can be re-purposed, found objects, whatever.  I will them every time they find a new use for something they would throw away (plastics in particular = 1 day of good luck).
We will be introduced to metals and their physical properties.  We will work with metal, more fibers, and found objects. 

We will talk about stones, gems, and see where they come from.  We will talk about polymers and how can we reuse more objects from our everyday life.

DESIGN! We will work with different design processes to create new work and mix media together.  Students will think about ergonomics: how well does this jewelry fit and feel comfortable besides just looking good.

FINAL MAKE DAY.  Students will get their ceramics back this day and have the time to create, and refine their best work and create their new set of jewelry based on their own personal aesthetics and desires. 

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