Monday, July 16, 2012

Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes

The Earth, Biomes, and the Planet

Volcanoes - Tsunamis - Hurricanes


National Geographic Colliding Continents


How Hurricanes form National Georgraphic

HOW TORNADOES ARE FORMED national geographic

Tornadoes "9) If tornadoes could make promotional videos about themselves, they'd look like this. With a sunset peeking through the clouds and shimmering background music, this scene is more idyllic than intimidating. Storm chaser Roger Hill does offer a compelling case study for the delicate beauty of tornadoes, but if the next eight videos are any indication, this is the exception rather than the rule." - INCREDIBLE TORNADO VIDEO!! May 4, 2007 - Ellis Co., OK Note the weather person "we do not want you outside looking at this" Al Roker knocked over by a Hurricane


National Geographic Iceland Volcano Eruption HDTV

EARTHQUAKES - thank you Bill Ney

Volcanoes of the Deep

National Geographic Iceland Volcano Eruption
HDTV How The Earth Was Made.The Ring Of Fire