Friday, June 1, 2012

Big Bang and Other Cosmic Adventures

Big Bang

Size of the Universe

Seeing the universe

Toa of Physics -

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Great films you can watch about the universe:

What is the Biggest thing in the Universe!

National Geographic Journey To The Edge Of The Universe

A great place to see images about the universe

Time to meet the Elements  (They Might be Giants)

Building of the Space Station



•  Is there really a secret chamber in black holes? 
•  How was the Sun created?
•  How are stars made?
•  Why do galaxies collide?
•  Are there’s aliens in the universe?
•  ?  - //
•  Why is the Sun so hot?
• How are Galaxies are made?
•  Are there other planets in other galaxies?
•  How did the first black hole be created?
•  What are black holes made of?
• How did the Earth get air?
•  How can we travel as fast as light?
•  What do black holes look like?
•  How many stars are in space?
•  What are stars made of?

•  ? Open to anything!  //
•  All the Star constellations  ///
•  What do black holes look like?
•  Alien Life forms?  //
•  What is dark matter and Dark Energy?
•  The Subatomic partial that might be going faster than light?  (Neutrinos)  //
•  How time Flows in space?
• how galaxies form?
•  What makes Alien life form?
•  Black holes, Wormholes, time travel?
•  Is there another galaxies that  / universe?
•  Multiverse?
•  Are there any life forms that we know of?
•  is there anything in space that would help us with nanotechnology?
•  is the government hiding anything from us in space?
•  Are there any  - how do stars form?
•  Does the more junk we put in our planet affect space?
•  How did we get junk in space?
•  Time folds – or any wrinkles in time?
•  If there’s a lot of Junk in space – why can’t we clean it!!!???!
•  Proof for the big bang
• What in space blows up???
•  Black holes and worm holes?

• have they figured out where to blackholes leads to?
•  Do they know how black holes work?
•  ?  - ////
•  How aliens build super rockets and super outer space travel?
•  how do they play in space?
• How do aliens play space soccer?
•  How astronauts get though the atmosphere without burning up or bouncing off?
•  What pets there are in outer space?
•  How do they launch rockets back to earth?
•  How are wormholes made?
•  Do we have any proof of aliens?
•  How do they go to the bathroom in space?
• How does the Earth Rotate?
•  How do black holes form?
•  Where do wormholes leads? 
•  What do astronauts eat in space?
•  What does space ice-cream taste like?
•  What do aliens eat? And drink?

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