Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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Stop motion paper papier papertcut Animation en papier @Oledie carte de voeux 2011


Creating Comic Books: Penciling your story:

Stop motion paper animation

Scott McCloud


Genghis Khan - comic book page process

Creating Comic Book Pages : Blackstone Comic Book - Page 2

Pencil, Ink & Color. Drawing process by Borch

A video from "back in the day" - how to draw comics the MARVEL way (*with Stan Lee)


Allie Brosh's work

Hey parents - Even though most of her work is about childhood events - there are curse words that do exist in her work from time to time.  Increasing a child's vocabulary in words that are boring, lack description, uncreative, and just aren't words to be used in proper conversation, we can work to prevent this as a team!!! - Please preview connected videos (*As with anything on the internet) to make sure the content is acceptable. 

Allie Brosh  "Cat Propaganda" - warning cats have sharp parts.
Going with the non-violent theme - this comic would be o.k. - but I think the cat "biting her head" is a little more extensive than need be - and a regular cat scratch hurts just as much... I know, I did this same thing this morning:

God of Cake by Allie Brosh

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